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Rooster Review – Mega Tripar Profile Plus

Today I thought I’d stray a bit from my typical audio-focused content and tell you about the Mega Tripar Profile Plus LED stage light fixture from American DJ.  If you’re expecting a review detailing my displeasure or critical view of this product, you won’t hear anything like that today.  In short, this is a very nice, cost-effective fixture with loads of flexibility and great reliability, which I highly recommend.  I own several of these and a few of its older sibling, the Mega Tripar Profile.  With a street price of around $99, there isn’t much that can beat this product and its feature set when considering the price.

This is an LED equipped stage (or DJ) light fixture that eats just 21 watts of power and produces a bright configurable output.  Up to 30 units can be daisy chained together using easy to find IEC power link cables.  The unit comes with a split mounting yoke that can also serve as a floor stand when using the fixture in up-lighting situations.  When removing the yoke, its slim design allows the fixture to lie flat or easily be placed within most box or triangle truss applications.  Because the product employs five 4-watt LED elements, it runs with virtually no heat output making it great when washing drapes, walls and stages.  3-pin DMX IN & OUT with 5-channels allowing DMX controllers to easily be connected plus there are 5 built-in operational modes that are great for stand-alone setups.  The big upgrade from its older sibling is the addition of “UV” helping to obtain a warmer white output, which should satisfy even the most critical user. Another nice change is that American DJ upped the per/LED wattage.  Its beam angle is 40 degrees and there is even an optional infrared remote control which can be very handy during setups.

In use, I have to say the Mega Tripar Profile Plus is great!  Its RGB color mixing capabilities allow users to dial-in just the right amount of color saturation when color-matching a customer’s party.  For me, one of the most important requirements in lighting is reliability.  Since I became aware of this product and its older predecessor, I have deployed literally thousands of these with only one failure.  That is truly amazing for a $99 lighting fixture.  I’ve dropped them and had them fall from suspended truss and all have continued to work just fine.  The rear control panel is intuitive and allows quick programming.  With a front setup of white lights washing the stage and several Mega Tripar Profile Plus around the perimeter you can make even the ugliest band look like stars.  While these are not intended or rated for wet locations, they do just fine in humid environments and I’ve had no issues using them in cold weather setups.

If you’re ready to step up to LED fixtures or want to add more fixtures to your lighting rig, the Mega Tripar Profile Plus should be at the top of your list to check out.  And for bands looking to step up from traditional hot, power-hungry Par Cans, this American DJ fixture is hard to beat.  Give our friends at American Musical Supply  a click and checkout their great products and pricing.

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